A.M.E Pressure Die-Casting LTD was founded in 1999 by Mr John Easthope the Managing Director. When A.M.E PDC LTD started the Zinc Die casting foundry other major Zinc die casting companies approached A.M.E to do there sub contract work.


The founder of A.M.E Pressure Die Casting Limited John Easthope started his working career in the Zinc high pressure die casting industry in 1979. John gained his vast knowledge of the industry by working his way up through various departments. John started as a hot metal ladler, promoted to charge hand then onto a foundry technician position than finally onto an operations manager to a leading Zinc die casting company before he decided to start up his own company in 1999 which is when A.M.E PDC LTD was founded.


A.M.E PDC LTD was founded.


In April 2000 John had moved into his first premises and installed the foundry with EMB 8’s, EMB10’s and EMB12’s Zinc die casting machines. By the end of May this was complete along with the auxiliary equipment installed for the small machine shop.

By June 2000 we were in production supplying one of the leading UK die casting companies doing sub contract work. Throughout 2000 we went from strength to strength.


In 2001 we invested in our first vibratory department, seeing A.M.E adding another dimension and service to the company.


By January 2003 due to work demand we expanded into an adjoining premise which expanded the company to twice the original size.

This enabled us to have a fully operational machine shop. This is where we solely did our auxiliary operations and goods inwards/outwards. This left us more room for more machines!

Throughout 2003 and 2004 we invested in several SMT machines. One solely dedicated for our customer who are one of the leading companies supplying yellow goods.


In 2005 we decided to embark on getting ISO accredited. We have achieved this continuously year on year whilst moving up through the accreditations.


We operate a policy of continual lifetime training for all our employees that starts at the top and continues down through the structure of the Company allowing A.M.E to invest in people from all departments. Victoria Gibson Passed her Quality Management qualification in 2016 with Amy Easthope passing a Management qualification not long after.

Towards the end of 2016 A.M.E made the decision to have a complete refurbishment of the Foundry and started making plans to replace the old die casting machines with brand new fully automated die casting cells.


Fast forward to September 2018 and the first brand new fully automated die casting cell is installed and running. The first of its kind in the UK! With the 2nd already on order to be built and installed.


We are pleased to announce in June 2019 we fitted a brand new 168T fully automated zinc pressure die casting cell.

This has replaced the older larger 125T and 220 T Zinc pressure die casting machines which had become outdated and no longer environmentally friendly or cost effective.  

This has many positive factors.

  1. Reducing labour costs due to the die casting cells being completely automated rather than semi-automatic.
  2. Reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining energy costs for the foreseeable future due to energy price increases annually, as the updated machines are far more energy efficient compared to the older models.
  3. Improving quality and reliability within the die casting process due to being able to manage the parameters more efficiently.

These positive factors will ensure the safeguarding of the future of A.M.E for the next 20 years