Press Trim Services tailored to your product's exact requirements.

cost effective service 

quantities are negotiable

production lead time 4-6 weeks

fastest way to remove flash


Components are produced on a sprue with risers around the edge and sometimes flash. Press Trim operations are designed to remove the component and any excess material quickly and accurately from the sprue, reducing the need for costly labour associated with manual trimming.

There is more of a need for a press trim operation on rounded castings due to the shape and form of the rises.

There is a lesser need for a press trim operation on straight sharp edges as you tend to get a clean edge from a simple hand de-gate operation.

Technical Specification

Lead Time For Press Tool Production 6-8 weeks
Lead Time for Actual Production 4-6 weeks
Minimum QTY Quantities are negotiable
Maximum QTY Unlimited
Minimum closeness to the edge .005″
Maximum closeness to the edge .010″

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More Information

What is a Press Trim operation?

The press trim tool is in two parts and each half is bolted on either the upper or lower platen on one of our Hare presses. The trim press has typically 15 to 20 tons of closing pressure. The press raises and lowers as the worker actuates the press guard. The die casting part fits perfectly in the trim die bottom, the trim die top half closes on the part and uses a cutting edge to cut the excess metal (flash) away from the part.

Why should I have a Press Trim operation?

Firstly, you must understand the process. The Zinc die casting manufacturing process is where molten metal is injected into the tool under extreme pressure, it is under that much pressure the metal “flashes” out around the edges of the part inside the die casting tool. This excess metal is also called “flash”. This flash is typically very thin, sometimes paper thin, wall of metal. The flash is frequently sharp and can cut fingers if not handled carefully. After the part cools sufficiently, the flash must be removed before we can dispatch the components to our customer. This is where a press trim operation comes in, the press trim tool will remove the excess flash reliably and repeatably and is the most cost-effective way to remove the flash.

Is Press Trimming cost effective?

Yes. It is the fastest and more consistent way to remove flash. The only other way to remove flash would be by using a file or sander – This is far more labour intensive and not always consistent in the process.