Zinc components are very important to the global economy

And while each die casting manufacturer follows strict alloy standards, alloy names vary slightly across the world.

So, whether you’re from America across Europe or from the far east, we’ve created this table to help you classify international equivalents for Zinc die casting alloys.

UKEuropeanUSA               Asia
ZL2 (BS EN1774)ZP2 (EN12844)ZAMAK2 (ASTM B86)-
ZL3 (BS EN1774)ZP3 (EN12844)ZAMAK3 (ASTM B86)ZDC2 (JIS5301)
ZL5 (BS EN1774)ZP5 (EN12844)ZAMAC5 (ASTM B86)ZDC1 (JIS5301)
ZL8 (BS EN1774)ZP8 (EN12844)ZA8 (ASTM B86)-