The team of qualified and experienced metallurgists we use provides a wide range of Metallography activities.

Why carry out Metallography?

Metallography is the study of materials' microstructure. Analysis of a material's microstructure helps to establish if the material has been processed correctly and is a critical step in determining product reliability and/or for understanding why a material failed.

How is Metallography carried out?

The basic steps for correct metallographic specimen preparation include grinding, polishing and etching to reveal the structure of the specimen.

What Happens Next?

Metallographic and materialographic specimen preparation seeks to find the true structure of the material. The data report of their findings will then be sent to you.

If you did not want the expense of a using a third party for testing, we can supply you with the metal analysis data sheet direct from the material used to produce your products free of charge.

Have you got specific requirements for your project?