Machining conversion to high pressure die casting.


Andrew, the founder and owner of Inner Eye Yoga Products had previously got a small batch of candle sticks produced with CNC lathing, although it was the quickest way to get to market it was also the most expensive, this is when  Andrew investigated other processes and contacted us at A.M.E.

At this stage Andrew at Inner Eye Yoga Products has no understanding of the Zinc pressure die casting process and bought in A.M.E to bring his product to life.

“I initially met with John, who was incredibly generous with his time, to discuss my design and view the production process in their factory”

Trataka yoga is the practise of steadily gazing at a single point, as a teacher of this method, Andrew required his product to be:

  • Portable and easily dismantled/assembled for his students.
  • Adjustable height to suit people of different heights when they assumed the yoga position.


Our design team worked alongside Inner Eye Yoga Products to advise the right specification of metal for the Trataka stand. Andrew never had drawings for his component – just hand sketches of what he wanted his product to look like aesthetically. Over several design/engineering meetings at A.M.E we were able to produce full component drawings to ensure each different component would fit together engineering out any potential complications. For example, to make the height adjustable we used a steel telescopic aerial, as this was only 3mm it would potentially cross thread the machined zinc hole and cause irreparable damage to the assembly. To take this out of the equation we advised Inner Eye Yoga to add an inserted helicoil into the threaded hole to avoid damage due to the dismantling and assembling of the product. Which has worked great – they haven’t had a complaint so far!


A.M.E turned my vision, previously produced by CNC lathe, into a streamlined high-quality product. A.M.E oversaw the whole process from design to a fully finished assembled product at a competitive price.”

As a novice to the Zinc die casting process we worked with Andrew at each phase of the development explaining the different processes, the tooling design, machining process, his finishing options down to the packaging ensuring he has full knowledge and understanding of the product. Nothing is too much for A.M.E. Whether a customer has little or no knowledge of the process, having A.M.E working on your project, you will have all the information and knowledge to bring your project to life.

“A.M.E works hard to keep you as a customer and they are very worthy of your business. I’m very happy that I chose A.M.E and only wish I had more business for them”

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