Zinc Die Casting 101

We have been in this trade for decades, and have built up a huge range of knowledge from which we have come to realise that there are no such thing as stupid questions. Seemingly simple questions can have in-depth answers, and what seems complex can actually be quite straight forward.

We've put our combined knowledge together to come up with a list of questions and answers that we often come across when speaking to people with all levels of experience. If there's a question that you need answered and it's not here, pop it in the contact form below and we'll get straight back to you with an answer!

I have a great idea for a product that I want to make, how can A.M.E help?

Feel free to call A.M.E to discuss your project. We'll aim to tailor a program to meet your business requirements and we will support you through all of the following stages and more.

What if I don’t have any drawings?

Not a problem! All we need is a hand-drawn sketch with a few basic dimensions. Visit our facility and we’ll have a brief meeting to discuss your requirements in more details.

At this point, we can arrange a full quotation to confirm costs or at the very least a budget quotation to get an idea of costs. If you decide to move forward, we can arrange full cad data and component drawings which will cover every stage of the manufacturing of your products.

How much would I have to pay for a simple part?

A small simple part could cost £5.00 to £10.00 each.

How much would I have to pay for a simple casting?

A small simple casting could cost £0.10p to £0.35p each.

In which sectors are Zinc Pressure Die Castings used?

Everyday uses of Zinc Pressure Die Casting’s include Automotive parts, Building Work, Electronic Appliances, Hardware, Iron mongery.

What kind of products can a Zinc Pressure Die Casting be used for?

Medical devices, Small geared motors, Office and household Furniture, Lighting internal and external, White goods, Yellow Goods, Balustrading, vending machines Pneumatics, Hydraulics valves and pumps.

Will the zinc be strong enough?

There are quite a few grades of zinc with different strengths.

I would like my castings to be machined, what can you offer?

Zinc pressure die castings lend themselves perfectly to machining operations drilling, tapping, reaming, fitting inserts, assembly to name a few.

Can my castings be put through the finishing process?

Zinc pressure die castings lend themselves perfectly to finishing.

What if would like my casting to have a decorative finish?

If you would like the casting to be sealed or you want a decorative finish, we offer Chromate, Barrell plating, polish and chrome plating, brushed finish in 100s of colours, Powder coating in 100s of colours and wet paint to name but a few.

Can Zinc Pressure Die Castings damage very easy?

To prevent any possible damage, we will tailor the wrap and pack process to suit your products, for example, we can Pack them into boxes, we can even layer pack into boxes between cardboard inserts. We can also wrap castings in tissue paper, or bubble wrap or pack it into a bubble wrap bag which can be re-used.

We can also offer returnable packaging where parts are packed into foam inserts. Whatever your product may need we have the solutions to ensure the product in transit is safe.

What are the different choices of Zinc Pressure Die Casting tooling?
  • Sub dies.
  • Unit dies.
  • Full dies.

The above tools can also have more than one set of impressions to produce zinc pressure die castings which can save the costs of tooling die blocks.

What if I need more than one casting?

We can produce multi impression tools of the same and different zinc pressure die castings depending on your requirements.

Why should I choose A.M.E as my Zinc Pressure Die Casting manufacturer?

Any other die caster will sell you a casting and you have to supply all the data and make all the decisions for them to work to.

At A.M.E pressure die casting Limited you should think of us as an extension of your business as we will guide your company through all of the decisions you have to make during the process where support is needed.

We will then take care of your tooling throughout its life with a simple preventative tooling maintenance plan.

If a part needs changing. That is not a problem as we can arrange tooling changes and supply sample castings for approval with a sample approval document for your/our records.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

No need to worry, you can call or e-mail at any time, we will answer your questions.

Our aim will be to support you through your project to give as much or as little support as you require to tailor a program to suit your business model now and into the long-term future.

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