Kernel Bird Feeders first came into contact with A.M.E pressure die casting limited in 2008.


In January 2009 Kernel Bird Feeders bought one of their competitors’ businesses, B.S Gilbert's Limited as they wanted to improve their range of bird feeders in the nut and seed ranges offering products that were completely produced in the UK. They believed the quality of the range was far superior of those imported from the Far East.

“I personally viewed A.M.E Pressure Die-castings manufacturing facility and looked at many other products they were producing which gave me confidence. A.M.E had been supplying our castings for at this time just over 5 x years. I viewed our tooling and realised the tools were quite old in age but in good condition. I was impressed with A.M.E plans to safeguard the tooling life and keep maintenance costs to a minimum with a measured tooling maintenance plan”

-Managing Director, Daryll Roberts.


Kernel Bird Feeders made the decision to leave the zinc pressure diecasting tools with A.M.E Pressure Diecasting Limited and placed their first order.

“I am pleased to say the order was delivered early the Quality was excellent and all orders have been dealt with in a cost-effective timely manner from day one through to the present. I would have no hesitation in placing new business with A.M.E if we ever have a new requirement for Zinc Pressure Diecasting’s. I am confident A.M.E would take care of all of our requirements for zinc castings now and in the future"

"We at Kernal Bird Feeders work in partnership with A.M.E. We buy a Die Casting, A.M.E offer a complete service from conception of an idea to designing and giving a fully finished product”

-Managing Director, Daryll Roberts.


Kernel Bird Feeders were proud to work with A.M.E Pressure Die Casting and pleased to endorse our business and services.

“We feel A.M.E are a company that will strive to succeed and go the extra distance to ensure your project is successful. If the need for die castings arise again, we would speak to A.M.E first”

“John Easthope the Managing Director is more than knowledgeable within this industry and has a very hands-on approach. If you are the same as myself and your knowledge is limited you will find John experience is first class and he will keep you informed at every stage with your project ensuring it runs smoothly”

-Managing Director, Daryll Roberts.

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