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Alloy Pressure Die Casting

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We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly and providing innovative solutions to challenging projects no matter what industry you work for.

Components manufactured for the world’s biggest company’s

Our fast-cycling fully automatic die casting machines are capable of producing the most complex castings to the tightest tolerances with the highest standard of finish.

Alloy Die Casting Product Design AME

Product and Design Development

We work hand in hand with our customers to assist in the design of their component. We offer our clients a fully integrated service.

Die Casting Cells

Die Casting Cells

We have extensive experience of manufacturing pressure tight and those with cast-in parts, such as fasteners, bearings and even electrical components.

Alloy Die Casting Assembling


We specialise in designing components that are assembled on mass production assembly machines.

Alloy Die Casting Finishing


Complimenting our more traditional finishing methods, we have invested in a fully automated finishing system consisting of vibratory deburring, cleaning and drying.

More than just a family business

Here at A.M.E we have created a family atmosphere within the work force that ensures each product receives the best care and attention through each stage of the manufacturing process. The result of all this effort ensures that any component leaving the factory it is to the highest standard possible.

Family Alloy Pressure Die Casting Business

The key to an excellent finish is a perfect casting

Our component weight range of 2g to 2.2Kg covers a wide variety of industries including Electronics, small Geared Motors, Window and Lock Manufacturers and Automotive. We supply parts in a variety of decorative finishes including Passivates, Paints, powdercoats, Chrome & Brass lacquer plating.

A diverse perspective that comes with years of experience

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We operate a policy of continual lifetime training for all our employees that starts at the top and continues down through the structure of the Company