Linishing Services tailored to your product's exact requirements.


Linishing is an operation we use to remove excess material from the component by using a technique on a sand belt on a flatbed linisher.

We can improve the flatness of a component by removing split lines by linishing the surface. Linishing is also a process that is used in preparation for high finish work such as chrome plated finishes. The surface of the casting would be linished to give the finished component a very high finish.

Either grinding wheels or belts may be used; the latter are more serviceable, because they are more easily changed, capable of conforming to a variety of casting shapes and require no dressing. Linishing wheels allow higher precision.

Lead Time For Production 4-6 weeks
Minimum QTY Quantities are negotiable
Maximum QTY Unlimited
Minimum Size No Minimum Size Required
Maximum Size No Maximum Size

Grinding wheels may be used

Production Lead Time of 4-6 Weeks


Unlimited quantity

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    Linishing helps to the following:

    • Improvement of a casting surface.
    • Preparation of a casting surface for polishing and finishing.
    • The removal of sharp edges.