Landmark Components Ltd

To whome it may concern.

I first met John Easthope when I joined Landmark Components as Operations Director in December 1998. John was employed as Diecasting Manager responsible for the operations of the Zinc Foundry.

I soon realised that John had considerable experience and a vast knowledge of the casting process. This was critical to Landmark as we supplied High Quality Chrome and Powder Coating finishes directly and indirectly to the Automotive sector to Customers such as Bentley Motors Aston Martin, Rover Cars and Land rover also Honda and Jaguar Cars via first tear customers.

As these Customers demanded a very high-quality standard it was critical to have the capability to produce a very high-quality Casting to minimise process defects at the finishing processes. This is where John excelled with his ability to focus on the process parameters to ensure repeatability and process capability.

John approached me in March 1999 and informed me that he wished to leave Landmark and set up his own Zinc Pressure Die Casting Business. Although John’s leaving was a big disappointment mainly due to finding a competent replacement, however Landmark always adopted the belief that a competitor especially one who had been a member of our team could be an asset as opposed to a disadvantage.

I visited John’s newly established business 3 months later namely AME Pressure Diecasting Ltd and was very impressed with the business layout and his continued focus on the Quality of the product produced to that end he already had a Quality Auditor in place in order to instil his Quality philosophy from the outset.

AME had the capability to produce High Quality Castings both in small and large volumes with the ability to carry out downstream processes such as Machining and Assembly.

AME also have the capability to maintain all tooling day to day repairs or modifications to the required standard and will manage the complete process of any new tooling requirement   from involvement at Design stage to sample approval and ongoing production.

On return from my visit I was pleased to recommend to my fellow Directors that AME should be enlisted as our backup key Supplier due to John’s understanding of Landmark’s Quality needs his commitment, work ethic and machine compatibility.

Finally, I would have no hesitation in recommending AME Pressure Diecasting Ltd under John’s leadership as a key Supplier to your business in the supply of High-Quality Zinc Pressure Die castings.

Tom McLoughlin Date : 20.06. 2000.