Vibratory Finish

Vibratory Finish Services tailored to your product's exact requirements.

Vibratory tumblers have an action that is similar to filing. An eccentric, rotating weight shakes the tub in a circular path, during which the entire load is lifted up at an angle and then dropped.

As the load is falling (but not actually airborne) the tub returns to an upward position, applying an upward and angular force that causes a shearing action where the parts and media rub against each other.

Vibratory finishing systems tend to produce a smooth finish because the media essentially laps the parts. Since the load is moving as a unit, very fragile parts are quite safe in the vibrator. There is no tearing action or unequal forces that tend to bend and distort parts. The larger the parts or media are, the faster the cutting action.

Lead Time for Actual Production 1-2 weeks
Minimum QTY Quantities are negotiable
Maximum QTY Unlimited
Media The shape, material and size of vibratory media vary depending on the parts’ material, shape and strength.

Size and shape may vary

Fully automated equipment 

Production lead time 1-2 weeks

quantities are negotiable

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    The components are transferred into our fully automated vibratory equipment with media, liquid degreasing agent and/or a soap agent which improves the finish. Then, the components are passed through the bowl in a rotary action which vibrates forwards and upwards, once the cycle is completed it is automatically unloaded. The cycle time and media used is dependent on what finish is required.

    Vibratory Polish is the same process as above but with the use of specific polishing media giving the component a brighter shinier polished effect finish.

    All the finishes are determined by the following criteria:

    • The abrasive content of the media.
    • The shape and size of the media.
    • The amount of degreaser/soap agent used.
    • The area of the bowl.
    • Process time.