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Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials. The drill bit is usually a rotary cutting tool, often multi-point.

The bit is pressed against the zinc alloy and rotated at rates from hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute. This forces the cutting edge against the work-piece, cutting off chips (swarf) from the hole as it is drilled.

Technical Specification

Lead Time For Drilling Fixture Production 4-6 weeks
Lead Time For Actual Production 4-6 weeks
Minimum QTY Quantities are negotiable
Maximum QTY Unlimited
Minimum Size Contact Us Directly
Maximum Size Contact Us Directly

Tailored made drilling fixture

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Production lead time 4-6 weeks 

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    Why would I need to drill my component?

    This is dependant on the shape and form of your component, if you need a hole but it is where the line of draw is, it would be impossible to put a core in the tool to make the hole, so it would need the secondary drilling operation.

    How do is a component drilled?

    Zinc alloys can be drilled under a wide range of operating conditions using cutting fluids. Dry hole drilling is possible, but flood lubrication is recommended especially for larger diameters.  Your component will have its own drilling fixture tailored made. This ensures each component will be drilled reliably and repeatably.