Product and Design Development

Here at A.M.E Pressure Die Casting LTD we offer a one stop technical design consultancy service from product design to fully finished assemblies.

As not one project is the same, A.M.E PDC LTD will tailor a fully integrated programme to suit your requirements.

Achieving a perfect product requires harmony between the tool design, our fully automated Zinc die casting cell, the cell setter and the countless other variables that can affect a casting’s internal and external structure taking into consideration any auxiliary operations you may require.

Therefore, we believe the perfect casting starts with the design of the component. the tool is designed with flow analyses of the wave structure, this will ensure it is completely filled.

Any mistake, however small, will allow misruns or cold flows to mark the surface finish and may cause porosity levels to increase, weakening the component’s structure and causing micropores or fissures to develop.

Be assured A.M.E will be all the support you need to bring your product to life.

We have the facilities to accept 2D, 3D, .STP and IGS files.

Alloy Die Casting Product Design And Development

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