ZL2 is a Zinc based alloy that can be used for pressure die cast components.

ZL2  conforms to EN 1774 1997 Ingot Specification, it is one of a family of versatile high-grade zinc alloys we can manufacture in.


Pressure Diecast ZL2 is used selectively for small castings where improved as cast tensile strength or hardness are required. Its dimensional stability and retention of mechanical properties over a period of years or when subject to higher service temperatures are not as good as ZL3 or ZL5. It has excellent fluidity during casting

When designing a stressed component using ZL2 further reference should be made to the alloy’s properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloys creep properties

National Specifications

The composition of ZL2 conforms to the current EN 1774 1997 Standard, which is now common to all EU countries

Alloy Composition

Aluminimum 3.8% 4.2%
Copper 2.7% 3.3%
Magnesium 0.035% 0.06%
Iron - 0.020%
Lead - 0.003%
Cadmium - 0.003%
Tin - 0.001%
Nickel - 0.001%
Silicon - 0.02%
Typical as cast physical and mechanical properties
Pressure Die Casting
Casting Temperature °C 425-435
Freezing Range °C 378-390
Specific Heat J/GK 0.4187


Cm/m 1.08
(in/ft) (0.13)
Casting Shrinkage Mm/mm 0.006
(in/in) (0.006)
Thermal Conductivity at 18 °c W/m°C 105
(C.G.S) (0.25)
Thermal Expansion Linear

 per °c



Pressure Diecasting
Electrical Conductivity

At 20°C



Specific Gravity - 6.8
Density Kg/m₃ 6700
(ib/in₃) (0.24)
Tensile Strength at 20°c N/mm² 338
(ib/in²) (49000)
Elongation at 20°C %in 2in 8
Impact strength at 20°C

(unnotched samples)





Hardness BHN 100
Compressive Strength N/mm² 641
(lbf/in²) 93

Figures relate to material in casting form. Properties vary for different processes. Further data available on request.